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We Find the Best People for The Job. Every Time. And That’s Guaranteed !

Welcome to Vinehouse Hiring: People Solutions to Help your Business Grow.

Vinehouse Hiring

Our finely tuned system will identify, introduce and hire you the most qualified people for your business. Its simple: We take all the hard work, and the possibility of a failed hire, off your hands. When you need to hire someone, our proven process ensures you interview only the most proficient additions to your team. …and if the one you choose doesn’t work out – we start again, for free! Let us show you our risk-free approach to hiring, and reveal to you the difference we have made to businesses everywhere, who are, like you, seeking ‘just the right person for the job.’

The Process Explained

Nancy Slessenger, architect of the Vinehouse Hiring Process, explains how it works…

On average, 30% of new hires leave within 1 year. Jobvite

The Vinehouse average for staff staying longer than 1 year is 88%

The Hiring Process Made Easy

No one excels at everything, and hiring is no exception. To do it well requires diligence, planning, research and dedication. Its one of those things a lot of people try their hand at, but without experience and knowledge of the pitfalls, it can easily waste time and money. The answer could be a hiring agency – their approach is to charge a percentage of first-year salary for their expertise in churning through CVs and filtering down to the shortlist they think you should see. They will be well paid for it, you can be sure of that, but have they really done any more than you would have done yourself if you had the time?

The way we do it is different.

We use a process which has been refined and tuned through continuous improvement over more than 20 years. Not only does it take all the work off your hands, and ensure you see only those people who match the qualities, values and skills you need, but we also charge a simple set fee so you know exactly where you stand throughout the process. It is different in many ways, but one of them is that we take less notice of your applicant’s CV than we do the application form we have crafted for them. This is a form which has been carefully worded using our unique consultancy expertise. It is tailored purely for the position you want to fill. By the time we sit down to write the questions for this form, we will have such a clear idea of the perfect person for you that we know exactly what to ask them to get useful answers back. Our skilled and highly-trained assessors match those answers against such specific criteria that only the few who might be worth meeting you, get passed on to the next stage: A recorded voice interview with us.

How we are different.

  • We don’t use resumes or CVs to sort out candidates. They can be misleading.
  • We guarantee all our candidates for 12 months.
  • We have a success rate: 88% of our hires stay longer than 12 months.
  • You only interview a very small number of candidates.
  • We do all the filtering for you, reject all the unsuccessful candidates, look after them for you, and arrange everything.
  • We give feedback to every candidate who wants it (and often get emails thanking us for it).
  • We charge a fixed fee, not a percentage of salary.
  • We’re not an agency, so we don’t have a pool of people we want to sell to you.
  • We do everything remotely.

We find new candidates specifically for each new job. We guarantee every candidate who has gone through our process for 12 months, so if they don’t work out for any reason at all, we will replace them at no extra cost to you. In this way, we make sure it’s not only in your interests, but in ours, to get you the right person for the job.

We are so sure that we will be able to find the ideal person, we give you our guarantee:

If your new hire doesn’t work out for any reason in the first 12 months, we will replace them free of charge.

Because we know that rarely happens… as our clients will verify:

Perry Marshall: “We don’t engage in a hiring process without talking to Nancy.”

“I don’t know of any other hiring firm that charges you a fixed fee rather than a percent of salary, and I don’t know of any other hiring firms that guarantee the candidate for a year. That’s like way beyond what most people consider to be necessary. One of the biggest, biggest differentiators between great companies and mediocre ones is the great companies really get the best people.” Perry Marshall.

James P. Friel “I didn’t even know you can hire people efficiently in a way that allows you to dial them into the culture of the company”

‘Completely Different‘

This approach is completely different to anything I have seen before and remarkably simple. I will definitely be using this process again for future hires!

Lesley Symons

Executive Coach & Author

‘Resumé Deception‘

I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I think that our competitors will be taking on the candidates we didn’t … just because they have good resumés! It’s just what we would have done before.

Paolo Lencioni

Partner, APL Accountants, Brisbane, Australia

‘100 X more successful‘

The time and resources that go into a single hire have been reduced from up to 100 hours per hire down to a handful of hours with much better results.

Alec Day

Owner Jewelry Tools

‘Explosive Growth...‘

The results were explosive growth in both revenue and profit and transformation of team culture. I cannot recommend highly enough…

Dr Dave Nicol

Vetinary surgeon & Practice Owner

See More Client Reviews

‘Better environment for everybody‘

What it’s really done is allowed people in our company to spend time on things they are good at and less time doing stuff they are not good at. … [it] has really created a better environment for everybody. We are just starting on the next vacancy and are using Vinehouse.

Brady Roberts

President & Co-Founder, iCapture

‘Systematic approach to job descriptions‘

The Vinehouse team was key in giving me a different, systematic way to approach developing job descriptions, posting them, screening applicants, and doing the hiring. I’ll never wake up every day yearning to recruit, but, this is no longer a persistent stumbling block.

Donny Wyatt

Founder and CEO,

‘Taken our business to a better place‘

…it has brought to light the strengths and weaknesses of every applicant we’ve considered, so that when we make the final decision we know exactly the kind of person we’re bringing on board. We’re sold on Vinehouse. We would not and will not hire any other way.

Bryan Todd

President, Perry S. Marshall & Associates

‘I’ll never hire someone on my own [again]...‘

The hiring process was a great deal simplified, and bottom line, I was able to hire a new Director of Client Services who had both the technical skills, and a personality that also meshed with our office culture

Dale Ringerwole

DC Grand Rapids

‘interviewed three and took two of them on!‘

The advert they put in attracted the right sort of people we were looking for. The screening process got rid of people who weren’t really interested. The application form and telephone interview told us a lot about the person before we got to the final interview.

Lynda Chanin

‘...helped us create our very own HR system‘

Nancy helped me define the roles and tasks that each position required and also create a hiring system. She essentially helped us create our very own HR system for a small business. On a personal level, she provided guidance on how to be a manager and deal with different types of employees. Thank you Nancy!

Julius Park

Crazy 88 Martial Arts

‘Everything has flipped for the better‘

The best part was that they handle all the parts I don’t have time for — even the interviews. Vinehouse is and will always be an integral part of our hiring process.

Benji Rabhan

NY Times Best Seller & CEO of MorrisCore Inc.

‘We have an excellent new employee‘

Result: we have an excellent new employee. If you’re having problems recruiting the right people, I’d recommend talking to Vinehouse.

Keith Edmunds

Tiger Computing Ltd.

‘A few exceptional candidates to choose from.‘

Nancy and her team have been phenomenal at their job. I would have never figured out who I really needed to hire for the position, if not for them.

Nazim Agabekov

‘A dream come true‘

They took one of the most painful aspects of our business..hiring…and did ALL of it for us.  

Scott Alberts

Scott Alberts, CEO, Voiceplace, Inc.

‘Helped Fracture find a needle in a haystack‘

…we could not be happier with the leader they found for us. She’s been an incredible addition to our team both from an execution and culture perspective.

Herb Jones

Chief Marketing Officer, Fracture.

‘We have now found two incredible candidates out of very large pools of applicants.‘

We have now found two incredible candidates out of very large pools of applicants

Christopher Blair

CFP Blair Financial Planning, Denver

‘This has been the easiest hire I have ever done.‘

The communication was excellent and you found us someone I believe will fit the role very well.

Teresa Sedmak

Operations Manager

‘Nancy and the Vinehouse team are such a pleasure to work with!‘

Whether you are a job seeker, or business leader needing help attracting top talent, Vinehouse is a company that gets the job done right.

Luc Cisna

HR Director

‘She’s really a super hire, 5x more than I was hoping for/expecting.‘

When I need another person – you’ll be hearing from me again! Thanks for a great job.

Rick Dawson

Hiring Affiliate Promotions Manager

‘Vinehouse's demystifies the process of skillfully screening candidates.‘

Vinehouse’s expertise is attracting and matching candidate’s personal characteristics to the needs of a role and culture of team.

Jonathan Kaplan

‘Nancy had a great ability to focus me on my need‘

It’s an investment in speed, efficiency and ultimately better profit performance. A wrong hire is way more expensive than Nancy!

Jeremy Chance

Operations Manager

‘I will definitely be using Nancy and Vinehouse for all my future hiring needs!‘

If she was that helpful for a one-off job like this, I can only imagine how indispensable she will be for much bigger jobs.

Peter Jacobson


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