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Marketing & Business Development Associate Merxin

Marketing & Business Development Associate Merxin


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Have you written a research paper, blog or company brochure?

Please give a summary of what you have done. If possible, please include a link or attach a document to this form.

We need to invite our contact to meet with us at Please compose an email to send including an offer of a free VIP ticket.

We need you to be able to write in an interesting, engaging style, a style which is unlike any of our competitors. Here are some examples of emails we have sent in the past so you can see the kind of style we use. See this link.

Have you created a communication strategy or worked on one?

Please describe it and what you did. Did you make any changes to it? If so, why?

Please include your reasons for what you did and the results you achieved.

Have you managed social media? If so please describe your communications schedule, how often you used specific channels and the tools you used for this.

When researching for online competition, which of the following methods have you experience in?


Four years ago, we started Merxin. Today we are about to become one of the world’s leading inhaler device designers and suppliers. What makes Merxin so successful?

The secret is...there is no secret.


If there is a hack of any kind we've discovered, there is one. Our team works hard and is very talented. So maybe that's the secret.

We are looking to recruit a Marketing & Business Development Manager: dream, join us, grow and thrive


  • £35,000 to 50,000 depending on skill and experience

Perks & Benefits

  • Holidays: 25 company days and 8 UK public holidays

  • Private pension provision, with maximised employer contribution

  • Private healthcare cover, inc. BUPA health screen and dental cover

  • Flexible working hours, home working possible

  • Performance bonus

Merxin (

We are a growing international medical device design, development and manufacturing company. Our speciality is the design and supply of inhalation devices at a lower cost and lower risk to increase market success. The Merxin team has a thorough understanding and long history of medical device and pharmaceutical product development. Our reputation is built on excellence and audacity.

Established in the UK in 2015 and based in King’s Lynn, with manufacturing capacity across the globe and an international client base, we are now adding more products to our portfolio and expanding rapidly, which is why we need you. We are currently the front runner for the King’s Lynn Mayor’s Business of the Year Award. By the time you join us, we hope to have won it. See you on the other side.

We have an unusual marketing style that commands attention. We are much more personal and inventive in the way we engage with our clients. We want you to nurture and grow this style, with our voice and yours.

#ReduceCost, #ReduceRisk, #IncreaseSuccess

Twitter: @MRXdevices

Business Development Associate – The Role

You will be a vital part of our commercial strategy and our success.

Your mission is to find new clients and commercial opportunities, to secure new device development contracts and partnerships across the globe, to increase Merxin’s visibility and standing in the scientific community and to establish its credibility through scientific research projects.

Your Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and deliver Merxin marketing and communications to strengthen and build awareness of our brand:

    • draft, plan and run our communication strategy

    • manage our social media; writing and posting regular, planned communications including on our website, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, MailChimp and whatever else you think would work with our strategy

    • structure and manage Insightly, our CRM (customer relationship management) software

    • monitor and improve customer engagement

    • engage with clients regularly so they know about the latest developments at Merxin

    • plan and maintain contact with our existing customer contacts – this will include calling them

    • manage our content suppliers: webmaster, graphic designers

      draft scientific publications on Merxin technology

    • present at conferences to raise our profile

    • plan trade shows to showcase Merxin technology – in 2019, you could  be joining us in Paris, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Edinburgh

  • Increase Merxin customer base and revenues:

    • find new clients

    • identify the needs of existing clients

    • define new services or products our customers could need

    • initiate commercial conversations and negotiations

    • analyse the commercial environment to define the most pertinent commercial strategy

    • work with Merxin management and lawyers to provide legal frameworks to deliver new contracts

We are a small team of 7 covering all aspects of the business, so though these are your main responsibilities, you need to be happy to help out other members of the team with their work when they are busy (and they will do the same).


  • enjoy life and have  pizzazz
  • enjoy running social media campaigns
  • have developed long term relationships with a range of business contacts
  • are not afraid of taking a risk
  • are looking for your first big break
  • love reaching out to new clients
  • have successfully made cold calls
  • have experience creating and implementing a communications strategy
  • are meticulous and tenacious in your planning of marketing communications
  • are able to deal with awkward communications and pushy clients cheerfully and effectively
  • are happy to help out other members of the team
  • love learning and are keen to learn about our products and their uses
  • have a creative linguistic style that is appealing and compelling, and you love writing
  • may have a science or pharmaceutical background (inhalation drug delivery) that you would like to transform in to a business development role

We know diversity makes for the best problem solving and creative thinking. We are dedicated to adding new perspectives to Merxin and encourage you to apply if your experience is close to what we are looking for or you want to become a new you.  “Make no small plans for they have not the power to stir men’s blood.”

You must be

  • able to work in the UK (we cannot sponsor visa applications)

  • happy to travel internationally for 30% of your time

  • able to work at our offices in King’s Lynn two or three times a week when you are not travelling (we want to get to know you so you can be part of the team)

Bonus experience

If you have experience of inhaled drug delivery, that would be a bonus and could lead to additional responsibilities including supporting inhaled product formulation and project management:

  • working with the Merxin design team to define and execute research project in support of publication strategy
  • planning and supervision of product studies with a commercial objective
  • supporting and advising Merxin clients on finished dosage form
  • collaborating with the Merxin project planning team to optimise projects

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