Exclusive Offer for Perry Marshall Renaissance Club Members

Exclusive Offer for Perry Marshall Renaissance Club Members

Get your FREE downloadable copy of
“How to Write Objectives That Work”
By Nancy Slessenger

Work and projects are so much easier when you and those around you know precisely what it is you want to accomplish, and why. Get sharp clarity on this and you’ll have fewer distractions, fewer headaches, fewer arguments … and, in many cases, huge savings of money and time.

It starts and ends with knowing what your objectives are, and getting them clearly down on paper. That’s where this booklet comes in. In it we give you an easy-to-follow roadmap that in literally minutes will help you and others on your team see and know exactly what you’re going to achieve together.

How to Write Objectives that Work

This booklet is small & compact, it covers 55 simple tips in 17 short pages, and it’s full of real-life examples that you can immediately copy and modify to suit your situation. In it you’ll discover:

  • How to create perfect goals from scratch that communicate & motivate
  • How to take any plan you’ve got and make it SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bounded
  • The single biggest pitfall most people encounter when setting goals, and how you can safely bypass it
  • The 8 Most Dangerous Phrases to Avoid … and what to say instead that moves your projects forward
  • The one acid test to ensure your objectives are well-chosen, understandable to your team & immediately actionable
  • How to measure your progress quickly, easily & consistently, through to the end

If you heard my interview with Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd you’ll know that I take objectives very seriously. I’ve helped countless clients reduce waste, increase profits, finish projects under budget & well ahead of deadline, and get top performance from team members by following these simple, timeless principles.
Best of all, as a member of Perry Marshall’s Renaissance Club your copy is free. (We normally sell it for $10.19 / £6.25.)

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