• Alec needed to hire people into his warehouse
  • Normally he and his team spent up to 30 hours searching through 100s resumes
  • After diligently searching through resumes he usually found somebody, but whether they would stay long term or do the job well was questionable
  • We set up a process so that he now only sees a few qualified candidates for a final interview
  • Now he is able to identify in 45 mins if the final candidate can do the job
  • We have done the same for his sales roles and customer service positions

In Alec’s words…
Working with Nancy and Vinehouse in our hiring process has completely transformed the way we hire new employees and has made the process extremely simple and 100 X more successful than our previous frustrating efforts.

In our previous hiring process often we would hire a candidate we through was the best candidate only to find out in their first few weeks of work that they were very poor at the job they were hired to do.

I highly recommend anyone who is not thrilled with their hiring process to call Vinehouse and make all their hiring problems disappear.

I have referred several of my friends and colleagues to Vinehouse all of whom have had the same experience as I had. The time and resources that go into a single hire have been reduced from up to 100 hours per hire down to a handful of hours with much better results.