Prior to working with Vinehouse we had done some hiring ourselves and we had stumbled across one person who turned out to be really good. The next time we posted a job it seemed like the number of applications just wasn’t coming in and it didn’t seem like we were getting the type of applicant and we needed. We ended up going with the best one. That was a total failure.

We ended up trying to train someone we never should have trained or hired. At that point we were just scared to stick our neck out to hire because we felt we didn’t have the necessary tools to do the hiring properly but we needed a couple of new people on our team to manage the growth we had going. So we worked with Vinehouse. We were really just going after one new employee, but we found two great people who have helped us grow – our growth has been 60% year on year.

What it’s really done is allowed people in our company to spend time on things they are good at and less time doing stuff they are not good at. So using this hiring process to find the right new employees has helped us in a pretty big way. It’s helped take a lot of the evening and weekend stuff off the plates of our main team members and has really created a better environment for everybody. We are just starting on the next vacancy and are using Vinehouse.