Normally, when we needed to hire, I would say to everyone: “Does anybody know someone who is interested?” and I would chat to them for 5 minutes. It wasn’t very successful.

We’d come to the end of where we could get people through our systems. We had got to the stage where we didn’t want to advertise and didn’t want to bring in anyone. The Job Centre has made it so difficult to put an ad on their site – we got 20 CVs and nobody turned up for an interview. We didn’t want to put an ad in the paper – it cost £250. I thought we might as well employ Vinehouse instead and I’m glad we did. The system worked really well.

The advert they put in attracted the right sort of people we were looking for. The screening process got rid of people who weren’t really interested. The application form and telephone interview told us a lot about the person before we got to the final interview.

We were only looking for 1 person; we interviewed three and took two of them on.