Hiring and Recruitment Mistakes 3

“Fluff” in the ads

Because there are some huge job boards out there now, they can gather lots of really useful information about things that candidates like and don’t like about advertisements.

One of the things that they don’t like is this kind of thing:

“_____________ company is renowned internationally for having amazing perks and an even better culture. We understand that our people are our most valuable asset. It is the passion and dedication of our teams that keep the company on top of the industry ladder. It’s also why we offer some great employee benefits and perks outside of the norm.”

“We are strongly committed to supporting every single employee in their professional and personal development.”

“The successful candidate will implement strategies and programs that lead to a vibrant recruitment program.”

“The right candidate will have strong communication skills.”

“We are looking for someone who is committed and hardworking.”

“We are looking for someone who is honest and reliable.”

Remember, many of your candidates are looking at your ad on their phone. They need a short, clear summary of the job. If it gets too fluffy, they will simply go to the next ad and you have lost your candidate.

What to do

Take out all the “fluffy” bits and stick to the facts and what the individual needs to be able to do. Instead of “Strong communication skills” be clear about what they will need to do specifically, or the experience you need them to have.

Don’t use phrases like “Committed and hardworking” – most people think of themselves as being committed and hardworking, so this doesn’t help a candidate to decide if this is a job they want. Instead, be clear about how much needs to be done in the role.

The same applies to “honest and reliable”. Explain what they need to do instead, or the experience you need them to have had.

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