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The Hiring Process Sucks

Congratulations! You have found Nancy Slessenger’s celebrated method for hiring the right people the right way, every time


“We will find you the hire of your dreams by managing every aspect of this excruciating process, so you don’t have to…

We guarantee it!”

Hiring the right people is crucial. Your business can not grow unless it has the right people in the right positions. But it is not always easy to identify what skills you need, let alone sift through all the applicants to find one who will really fit in. And when you’ve got a business to run, how can you find the time to do all that?

You’re on this page because either now, or at some time in the future, you will be faced with the responsibility of hiring new people. It will either go really well, or it will go really badly. There isn’t much in between. If you leave this page now, and take nothing further from it, please make sure you are clear about that: Well or Badly, nothing in between.

If it goes badly, there is no limit to the financial and operational damage it will cause to have the wrong person on board. But if it goes well then your efficiencies will improve, your productivity will increase and your business will grow. And as we all know…

Building a business is fun and rewarding.

…and no one said it wasn’t hard work, right?

After all, you have to fight hard to grow market share; tirelessly scrutinize your product quality; examine and re-examine your promotional messaging, your distribution, your value add; and then there’s the cashflow to manage, the monthly reporting to do… there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Which is why all successful business owners agree on one thing:

Make the Hiring Process as Easy as Possible

There are too many horror stories – and we’ve heard them all – about businesses hiring the wrong people, or taking too long to find the right hire, or just holding back and stifling their own growth by not hiring at all.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

…You didn’t have to waste all that time wading through mountains of CVs and resumes?

OK, you don’t. We do it all.. We get the information we need from you during our 60 minute Dream Hire call. Then we take care of EVERYTHING from there. Our unique hiring process is proven to identify 70 different unique character traits. Our consultation with you identifies the must-have criteria so we can measure candidates against them. We reject all who don’t meet it which means you never have to see the tire kickers, perpetually unemployed, or other candidates that waste a huge amount of your time.

We often reject 99 candidates out of 100. That’s 99 resumes you don’t even have to look at.

That’s right.  Bob the circus clown who dreams of being a CPA….you won’t being reading his resume.

…You never had to write another Job Description?

We do this for you – we use your information about what you need and we craft that material. We know how to attract the kinds of people you need.

…You didn’t have to waste hours interviewing completely hopeless candidates?

We interview the candidates for you as well. These are in-depth telephone interviews, just with the candidates who look good. About half these candidates will make it through the interview, you get the recording and pick the ones you’d like to see. You only get to see a very few highly qualified candidates; those who are a very close match. Very few make it through our intensive interview process. We select the very best and send you the recording of their interview. Our vast prospect selection experience means you will only need to choose from a few winning candidates.

…You didn’t make any more awful hiring mistakes?

Our success rate in getting the right candidates is 92%. This means that 92% of our candidates are still dream hires a year later. Yes, we might occasionally find someone who just isn’t the exact right fit  but if that happens, we will replace the candidate at no extra cost to you.

…You knew what the compensation range and package should be for your dream hire?

Let’s face it.  This part is scary.  How much money have you spent on overpaying for a new hire, or not paying enough to get the person who can come on board and make your life better?  We are compensation experts and this service alone can save you many thousands of dollars with each hire.  Many times this saving alone has been more than our dream hire fee.

Breathe: It doesn’t have to be like that

The perfect person to help your company grow is out there, somewhere. But to find them yourself, and to be really entirely sure they will hit the ground running, will take you MONTHS of hard work and costs much more than you think. And lets be honest, even if you can throw enough resources at the task of finding them yourself, you still need luck on your side if you’re going to get someone who will prove their worth and stick around longer than a year…

On average, 30% of new hires leave within 1 year.


That’s right. After being bombarded with applications, sifting through CVs, interviewing, training and doing all you can to make life a little easier for yourself, a third of new staff will leave before the end of their first year!

If you’re having to rehire for that position every year, can you imagine how much of your time that will take?

The thing is, hiring the right people, good people, the people who fit in with your business culture and meet the standards you set, is fraught with difficulty. It is something you can try to do yourself, or indeed you can put it out to regular hiring agencies who will be glad to receive a hefty percentage of the first year salary…

But doesn’t it make more sense to put it in the hands of experts who have a proven system for getting you the right hire – your Dream Hire – and guaranteeing you will keep them for longer than a year?

Our average for staff staying longer than 1 year is 92%

Our closely refined hiring system not only takes all the work off you, but it also hires better people faster, who stay longer.

It works for virtually any position in any business, anywhere in the English-speaking world, from the information marketer in Chicago to the nurse in the Australian outback. We have worked with clients around the world. From the USA to Canada. From Australia to Scandinavia. From Ireland to the United Kingdom. Helping them all find the Dream Hire they needed. We can even local hire right down to postal code

Finding the right person isn’t as simple as placing someone capable into the job on day one. The right person is the right person because they fit in. They enjoy working with you. They get as much out of working with you as you get from having them there. Not only are they great at the job, but they come with the right belief system and values to complement your organisation. In short, they just fit. And because of that, they stay.

If your new hire stays longer than a year then chances are they’re going to stay longer than three years.

To find someone who fits as well as that using conventional hiring methods requires a lot of interviews (at least three per candidate), a lot of candidates, and shed loads of luck. And yet, as the statistics show, even after all that hard work, it rarely happens.

We know how to do it though. In fact, so confident are we in finding the perfect person for your business long-term, that we can offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee:

One Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If your new hire doesn’t work out for any reason in the first 12 months, we will replace them free of charge.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

Hear Josh’s Story

Listen to Josh Eaton of Top Speed Golf while he explains how hiring the wrong person twice cost him over $50,000 at a conservative estimate. He also shares how after discovering the right way to find the right people he was finally able to relax and take a vacation because things were finally running smoothly without him.

Peter Jacobson
‘I will definitely be using Nancy and Vinehouse for all my future hiring needs!‘
Jeremy Chance
Operations Manager
‘Nancy had a great ability to focus me on my need‘
Jonathan Kaplan
‘Vinehouse's demystifies the process of skillfully screening candidates.‘
Rick Dawson
Hiring Affiliate Promotions Manager
‘She’s really a super hire, 5x more than I was hoping for/expecting.‘
Luc Cisna
HR Director
‘Nancy and the Vinehouse team are such a pleasure to work with!‘
Teresa Sedmak
Operations Manager
‘This has been the easiest hire I have ever done.‘
Christopher Blair
CFP Blair Financial Planning, Denver
‘We have now found two incredible candidates out of very large pools of applicants.‘
Herb Jones
Chief Marketing Officer, Fracture.
‘Helped Fracture find a needle in a haystack‘
Scott Alberts
Scott Alberts, CEO, Voiceplace, Inc.
‘A dream come true‘
Nazim Agabekov
‘A few exceptional candidates to choose from.‘
Keith Edmunds
Tiger Computing Ltd.
‘We have an excellent new employee‘
Benji Rabhan
NY Times Best Seller & CEO of MorrisCore Inc.
‘Everything has flipped for the better‘
Julius Park
Crazy 88 Martial Arts
‘...helped us create our very own HR system‘
Lynda Chanin
‘interviewed three and took two of them on!‘
Dale Ringerwole
DC Grand Rapids
‘I’ll never hire someone on my own [again]...‘
Bryan Todd
President, Perry S. Marshall & Associates
‘Taken our business to a better place‘
Donny Wyatt
Founder and CEO,
‘Systematic approach to job descriptions‘
Brady Roberts
President & Co-Founder, iCapture
‘Better environment for everybody‘
Dr Dave Nicol
Vetinary surgeon & Practice Owner
‘Explosive Growth...‘
Alec Day
Owner Jewelry Tools
‘100 X more successful‘
Paolo Lencioni
Partner, APL Accountants, Brisbane, Australia
‘Resumé Deception‘
Lesley Symons
Executive Coach & Author
‘Completely Different‘

FREE Hiring Guide

Why You Aren’t Finding The Right Person For The Job
And What You Can Do To Find Your Dream Hire

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Do you want to know how we ensure we can provide such a valuable service to you?

This is the time when many system owners would go secret. They would hold back from giving you the details in case imitators tried to replicate it. But we have no such fears about our system. It has taken a long time to develop this level of expertise about how to research, find, screen and filter down to the perfect candidate. These are all skills unique to our staff, and we train and nurture them all very carefully. We know our process cannot be copied easily because so much of it is in the way we truly understand our clients’ needs, and screen applicants accordingly.

The “Here is What We Do For You So You Don’t Have To” Dream Hire process

Step 1: 60 mins

We get together on the phone for a 60 minute dream hire call. It’s easy. We ask a bunch of questions that are designed to really flush out what it is you need. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what the job entails yourself, we will help you define it and come up with the profile of a candidate that would be your dream hire.

Step 2: Job Description

We produce a job description and objectives. Once completed, we send it to you for your review.

Step 3: Person Specification

We produce a person specification so we can find exactly the right person

Step 4: Job Market Research

We conduct research to find out what the job market is for the post what the best job title will be, what package you need to offer, what the employment rate for your ideal candidate is and where to find the best people.

Step 5: Ad Testing

We design and test a very focused and targeted ad. This is critical. The wrong ad in the wrong place can result in really poor candidates. We make sure we get it right the first time.

Step 6: Elimination

We weed out poor candidates; our service includes designing TEST tasks based on what your ideal candidate will be doing in their new position. We ask the candidate to perform these tasks prior to their interview so we can see if they can really do what they say they can do. As an example, if they need to be good at spreadsheets, we ask them to take a very targeted spreadsheet test. Oh by the way, you still haven’t had to talk to the candidate yet. Enjoying your extra free time?

Step 7: We do your interviews

We conduct detailed interviews with the good candidates – you get the recordings and transcripts. You let us know if they sound like a dream hire.

Step 8: We design your final interview

We give you the questions and structure for this interview and go through it with you afterwards to help you make the decision.

Step 9: Your turn

OK Now it’s your turn. You get to talk to the person we recommend and who we are confident is your dream hire. It will probably be the 1 in 100 that makes it through our unique process. If you like them (we are confident you will) then it’s time to hire! If not, no worries, we will keep going and get another candidate to you.

Step 10: Hired!

It’s go time. Get the hire of your dreams and that very well thought out offer. Don’t worry, we are still here during “Offer Fun”

… And that’s it.
We guarantee this is your dream hire to help you grow your business,
or we start again. Free!

We are not the same as a regular hiring agency. We don’t charge a percentage of first year salary, and we never press a square peg in a round hole. Instead, we work to a fixed fee. And its the same amount whether we’re hiring a general manager or a virtual assistant. The roles may impact on your business differently, but our research and the application of our expertise remains the same.

We are specialists at getting to the core of your precise requirements, even if you don’t know what they are yourself yet. Then, with that in hand, we go to market, we search, we screen and we filter; rinse and repeat, and we don’t stop until we can settle without fail on the perfect person who fits the precise requirements for your job.

We do all this so you can get on with what you’re good at: Running your business.

Would that provide some peace of mind do you think? Would it help to know that the vital human element preventing your business from scaling and growing can be looked after without distracting you or your current operation one bit?

Here is what some of our clients have to say about our unique Dream Hire experience…

Behind the scenes with Nancy Slessenger

See how Nancy Slessenger and the Vinehouse team have helped clients like Perry Marshall, Dave Nicholl and Peter Jacobson. Each of them had a particular hiring problem, and each of them were saved by the methods and practices of Vinehouse Hiring…

Want to know more about the Dream Hire Process?

For us, no hiring challenge is too difficult. Since 1995, we have been helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to hire effectively and grow. Our system and methodology for getting it right has been finely tuned through time. It has been strained and tested by every possible hiring challenge you can imagine. So whatever it was that brought you to this page, and whatever hiring dilemma your business faces, we can help.

It all begins with a question

What can we tell you to help you decide? Perhaps you know you will need a hiring service, not just yet, so you want to know when to start planning. Or perhaps you’ve already started the process yourself and want some advice to make it more effective…

Do you want to know what our lead time is? Or how long the process takes? Or do you want to know what the fixed fee is…?

Or perhaps you want to know whether we can cope with the hiring of someone who meets an almost impossible set of criteria.

Whatever your question is, ask it here. We will give it careful consideration and come back to you within 24 hrs.

Your Next Step

We would love to hear from you about your Dream Hire.
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About Nancy Slessenger

CEO Vinehouse Hiring

Nancy Slessenger is an entrepreneur and consultant from the UK. She runs Vinehouse essential Ltd, a company that started off focusing on training and is now dedicated to hiring and recruitment for owner managed businesses in the English-speaking world.
During her time in a ‘real job’ as a Production Manager at Mars, she was horrified to discover that the person in her team who was by far the most productive and had not a single failure over a whole year, was paid the least. This posed many questions and set her off on a journey. 
Many times she coached so-called “Difficult People” to turn them into useful employees. She started to wonder why they had been hired in the first place.
Nancy’s work includes “How to Write Objectives that Work” – a booklet that has sold over 500,000 copies, a host of material on how to manage and motivate your team. She has coached and trained thousands of people on writing goals and objectives and many other leadership and management skills.
Now, using everything she has learned, she is concentrating on getting the right people into jobs they will excel in and love. She has spent years developing and honing the process to make it more and more and more reliable. “It seems like magic, but it’s not, it’s just logical and carefully thought through”, she says.