Praise and the Appraisal


105 Tips & Techniques to Make Appraisals  and Performance Reviews Work.

In this simple but powerful guide you will discover how to plan through the year and structure the actual interview, making it far easier to manage performance fairly and effectively.

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In this simple, step by step guide on how to do performance reviews and appraisals you will discover:

  • How to plan for the appraisal
  • What to do during the year
  • How to structure the appraisal
  • How to make difficult discussions about performance easy
  • How to apply scoring systems, gradings and ratings in a way that is fair and consistent
  • How to handle those awkward moments
  • What to do if an individual has not achieved their objectives
  • How to phrase written comments on a review form
  • How to work out a development plan
  • How to make the process motivational


Immediate results you can expect when you use Praise and the Appraisal

  • You will be clear what you need to do
  • You will know how to prepare effectively
  • You will be able to handle awkward moments and issues
  • You will know what to do during the year to make the process work well

Appraisals are a part of most organisations’ performance management process. Used effectively they can help to improve performance and motivate people. Used badly they can do the reverse.

This booklet contains tips designed to make it easier for you to make the most of the appraisal process and includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions from managers and individuals.

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